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 Winx Club Fanmade ~ The Wisdom of 6.

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Bloomix Fairy
Bloomix Fairy

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PostSubject: Winx Club Fanmade ~ The Wisdom of 6.   Mon Feb 08, 2016 5:50 pm

After a break from Alfea, the Winx are ready to go back again, however, they are not returning as students, but as teachers. And now that they know about a larger range of magic, they can thoroughly teach the students about lots of magic.

Bloom gazed out of her window peacefully as she watched a fresh batch of students mingle an socialise, it reminded her of her first year- yet she was a lot less exposed to magic due to being raised on Earth.
"Good morning, Bloom, how are you?" a familiar, gentle voice enquired, it was the voice of her roommate Flora, who was wearing a new outfit.
"Hello, Flora, you look great!" Bloom chirped back. Flora smiled at Bloom before reaching her hand out. Bloom was slightly confused but took it. After this, Flora helped her up and quickly neatened up her hair.
"What do you need me for, is something happening?" Bloom questioned in a slightly anxious tone. Flora carried on smiling while thinking of a reply. She quickly gazed up at the ceiling before considering an answer.
"Well, since some students will be moving here, Faragonda asked me if I could take you to our new room- I can help you pack," Flora explained to Bloom calmly.
"Oh, I see, well... ummm... I can just make my items mini and carry Kiko and- wait, where is Kiko?" Bloom and Flora then decided to look for Kiko before running into Tecna and Musa. They were wearing similar, teacher-like clothes to Flora and holding their phones.
"Don't tell me you forgot, Bloom!" Tecna mentioned while giggling a little. Bloom gave her a slightly grumpy look before finally finding Kiko. She picked him up before petting him on his head.
"Forgot what?" Bloom innocently asked while putting Kiko down on the floor gently. She then started to cast a sparkling, sunset orange spell on all of her items which rapidly made them shrink into a needle-like size.
"That we're becoming teachers again!" Musa replied eagerly, her reply was in a similar tone to Tecna's, however. This reply made Bloom jump and almost made her drop her items.
"Oh my goodness That was it! That explains the moving and the uniforms!" Bloom yelled. She slumped down on the floor and took a great sigh. The other 3 girls sat around her and smiled at her and try to reassure her, yet they knew Bloom could occasionally be a bit forgetful and sometimes be a little overreacting.
"Don't worry- we can get Stella to help you out! Aisha is with her at the moment getting her outfit sorted out!" Musa exclaimed joyfully while hugging Bloom. Bloom grinned before standing up and helping her friends get up.
"So, let's move first and then get your outfit sorted," Flora suggested to Bloom in an optimistic tone. "And after that -if there is time- I can make you some tea!" she continued.
"Thank you Flora! Thank you Musa and Tecna too for reminding me!" Bloom exclaimed elatedly just after she picked Kiko up again.
"No problem, but just a minor warning, we don't have too long," Tecna warned her, but not in a serious tone. Bloom and Flora nodded before leaving the empty dorm. Musa and Tecna also exited, but a different way.
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Bloomix Fairy
Bloomix Fairy

Fairy XP : 235
Posts : 972
Age : 16
Location : Hell

PostSubject: Re: Winx Club Fanmade ~ The Wisdom of 6.   Wed Feb 10, 2016 4:44 pm

(This thread will require double posting)

As Tecna and Musa headed back to their room, Flora and Bloom decided to go where Stella was creating her outfits, she was with Aisha, who she just began working with to create her outfit and make it good enough for her.

"Stella, hurry up, we don't have too much time," Aisha warned her calmly. Stella circled around Aisha twice before stopping and standing in front of her. She smiled and picked up a piece of cobalt blue cloth and showed it to Aisha. Aisha stood still, observing the colour of the cloth.
"No... that won't do, I think it's too dark!" Stella murmured to herself before putting the cloth down. She then strutted towards a draw and opened it. Shortly after rummaging through it, Stella reappeared from the draw and returned with a lighter tone of blue coloured cloth. This time, it was Tiffany Blue. Aisha's mouth opened in a smile, as she approved of the colour.
"Perfect, just please give me a moment and I will make something!" Stella announced in a chipper tone. She spun around to face away from Aisha and before 5 seconds zoomed by, dancing, amber sparks flew across the room. At the speed of light, Stella had finished. She turned around before casting a spell on Aisha. More amber sparks danced around, but to a much smaller scale. But before long, Aisha was wearing a completely new outfit.
"Wow, Stella, this is incredible!" Aisha smiled at Stella. A grin plastered Stella's face as she saw Aisha exit. She waved as Aisha exited, but her attention quickly turned to Flora and Bloom, who were entering.
"Welcome! How are you two?" Stella enquired eagerly.
"We're great, thank you," Flora replied politely.
"Who would like to go first?" Stella asked, she was now rummaging through her draw of fabric and cloth.
"I will," Bloom told her before walking up to the spot where her outfit would get designed.
"I know the perfect colour for you, Bloom, a shade of blue called Maya Blue!" Stella explained to her, while holding up the fabric. Bloom nodded before Stella casted the spells needed to give Bloom her new outfit.
"Wow, this is amazing!" Bloom gasped while gazing in wonder at her new outfit.
"You're welcome! Then it's Flora, then me!" Stella announced. Flora walked up to the same spot Bloom was before Stella casted the spell. Flora's dress was mostly Malachite green with a lavender, pink floral scarf.
"Wow, this looks gorgeous, Stella!" Flora cried joyfully. Flora then turned to Bloom and smiled.
"It's time to go to our new room now, right?" Bloom asked in a slightly energetic voice.
"Yes, let's go," Flora replied as she lead Bloom through the door.
"It's time for my makeover!" Stella told herself excitedly. She decided to create a tangerine orange dress for herself. She knew she didn't have much time though, as it was nearly time to introduce herself to the new students...
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Winx Club Fanmade ~ The Wisdom of 6.
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