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PostSubject: REG: Untitled Winx Fan Fiction -- / CS / CC / HS / MSAA / A4   REG: Untitled Winx Fan Fiction -- / CS / CC / HS / MSAA / A4 Icon_minitimeMon May 29, 2017 10:58 pm

here is something i wrote up sometime last year and finally got around to correcting and putting though both internally and externally.

XDS Doc Tags: Winx / Customer Service (CS) / Collaborative Creativity Enabled (CC) / Fiction Involving High school Students (HS) / content contains fictionalized version of XDS assets (such as people, procedures, and systems) (MSAA) / Content Portrays Persons with Disabilities and/or special needs in a positive light / as the main protagonist (A4)

IMPORTANT NOTE: since I created this with collaborative creativity (CC) in mind, feel free to add to, make amendments to, or suggestions about this work. I don't claim to own winx club, iCarly, or any other trade marks, registered trademarks, service marks, or any other assets referenced to in this work. If you do decide to modify this story in any way I ask that you not only don't claim you came up with the whole thing, and that pass along all rights I'm giving you. See notes below for more.

Enjoy this look into my mind.

Untitled Winx CS Fan Fic
By: Carly Grace Fleischmann
Internal Notes; I don’t own Winx Club, iCarly, or any other trademarks or registered trademarks used in this story, however I do own the fact that I put this story together in Microsoft Word and supporting software. You are free to copy this story, download it, give it to a friend, or just read it, or even improve upon it, the one thing you are not allowed to do is claim that this is entirely your work and yours alone. I ask that you please pass along all the rights which I am giving to you in any copies you make and to ensure that my IP notice stays in tact on any such copies (unless substantially modified by you, in which case proper attribution of original work is requested but not required)

Part One: Just another Day…

“I can’t believe this is happening again Steve!”

“It’s your fault the bills weren’t paid on time Cassandra!”

“Well you shouldn’t have gone off buying that new computer you’re so proud of last week.”
CRASH! Stephanie rolls over in her bed as she hears her parents arguing yet again about money and the problems they both bring to the home. She thinks to herself

“If only there was a way I could escape all of this madness, not just here, but at school as well…”

For Stephanie, this is common, parents yelling and screaming at each other, dishes being broken, and doors being slammed; but no matter how hot the fights got, at least she was never hurt or put in the center of any of the mess. The fight continues on no matter how hard she tries to block it out, but reality soon sets in with the shrieking of the alarm clock on her bedside table, like having a bucket of cold water thrown onto her reality fully sets in with the repeated buzzing of the alarm. Stephanie reaches over to the blaring device and taps the button once to acknowledge the alarm and begins her morning routines to get ready for school. She quickly gets out of bed, showers, gets dressed, and eats a quick piece of toast and a banana, then runs back to her room to grab her school bag, phone, and keys. All of this is gathered and she rushes out the door to wait for the bus which by her phone’s digital clock should be arriving shortly. The bus pulls up to Stephanie’s house and the air breaks are set, Stephanie waives back in the general direction of her parents who are still arguing as if they didn’t even notice she was there as she gets on the bus and the door closes behind her.

“Good morning dear”

The bus driver says with a cheerful tone in her voice, however Stephanie just waves and takes her usual seat next to Alexis. Today, Alexis is in her own little world drawing something so Stephanie doesn’t even bother acknowledging her, she just plops down in her seat and waits for the ride to school to be over.

Meanwhile, Krystal is arriving at the call center with her access badge in hand looking forward to yet another day doing what she does best, helping people with their computer and other technical problems. She walks up to the door labeled as “Employee access only” and puts her phone up to the censor. The censor flashes green and the door swings forward.

“Good morning Krystal, how was your meeting with that vendor yesterday?”

asks Jennette at the security desk. Krystal quickly transitions to her iPad and types

“It was OK, we got a few things resolved and our big event this Friday might need to be rescheduled due to vendor needing to get a few things straitened out with her boys’ dad for the weekend so she might not be able to make it. How was the concert you attended last night with Amber?”

Jennette thinks for a few seconds and replies “the band sucked, but the opening act was better than I remember them.”

“OK, well maybe next time you won’t spend $85 on front-row tickets when you could have won tickets from the radio station”

Krystal sasses back.

“Oh just get started on your day already, you’re such a buzkill”

Jennette sarcastically spat back.

Krystal heads over to reception and asks someone who appears to be a new girl whether or not she has any pending appointments or tasks she needs to prepare for later in the day. The girl asks for her name and employee number. Krystal gives the girl a look as if to say “really? I’m the CEO of this company and you’re asking me for my employee data? How long have you been here?”

Noticing the impending conflict, a second receptionist comes to assist.

“Emma, this is Krystal, she’s our CEO, and you haven’t met her yet because she’s been out for 2 weeks. As you can see, Krystal uses her iPad to communicate by entering in what she needs to say and the computer talks for her. There’s no need to ask her for her employee information as she is usually pretty good about showing you her badge.”

Emma, in shock responds with

“Oh, I’m…”

Krystal cuts her off

“It’s OK, you’re new… ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ therefore, you’re not expected to know everything your first week out of training either. Julie I’m sure will be able to train you just fine.”

Both Julie and Emma work towards finding Krystal’s schedule in the new Microsoft® Outlook® 2032 system. The computer beeps once when Krystal’s scheduling data comes up with an information box

“Alert! School Tour Group today at 10:45 – 13:30 : Kimberly Possible Elementary. Where: Care Floor.
Who: Meyers, Krystal Nicole.
Notes: This is a special needs class from a local elementary school. You are to give a presentation on working on the main floor of the center.
Acknowledge, Decline, Snooze”

Emma tells Krystal this information and Krystal then thinks for several seconds then snaps her fingers

“Oh yes! That’s right I forgot about that tour group today.” Then she asks Julie

“Is that a typo? “Elementary School” ”

“No, that’s not a typo. They finished building it just last spring, my cousin goes there. Due to the controversy of what to name schools in 2010 and the like they went with naming it after a Disney character.”

Krystal shakes her head.

“No, more like why in the name of all things Winx Club is an Elementary School on a tour of a call center?”

“Now that, I don’t have an answer for you there Krystal, I really don’t.”

Krystal continues on down the hall towards her seat in the main part of the call center where there is a lot going on. She sits down at her new computer, puts on her headset and starts the login sequence. First she logs on to Windows itself using kmeyers0742 and her password, no go. She tries again, no go, and then she remembers the memo from I.T.

“Change the “log on to” box to “WINX-CESD-US” or else your AD login won’t work”

She dismisses the login failure box and makes the appropriate change and logs in. Her new corporate desktop shows up along with her apps for call control, CRM and a few others. She quickly dismisses all of them to get out to the Internet to do some research but stops to get this presentation ready for the impending arrivals in a few hours.

Little do any of these people know, but their lives are all about to intersect in an irrevocable and lasting way.

Part Two: Human Interaction at Work.

Stephanie and Alexis are looking forward to the day’s events as their teacher Mr. Anderson had arranged a field trip for them to see the inside of a call center and have lunch with some really cool people. As the bus rolls up to Kimberly Possible Elementary, even the happiness of this is eclipsed. The bus door opens and all the kids get off to meet friends, as Stephanie gets off she is greeted by a voice she could never look forward to

“Hey, it’s the little girl with a big heart! Let’s all hope she doesn’t get forgotten in the trash bin or something.”

It’s Daniel, one of the older kids who is always picking on her because she’s not only shorter than the other kids in her class but has other medical conditions, it is all of this which landed her in a special needs class. Stephanie tries to move forward towards her classroom but is blocked by Daniel and his friends; no matter how she tries to avoid them they always step into her path blocking her progress until she’s surrounded.

“Let her go!”

A man’s voice booms out from across the school yard, the bullies look but see no one they consider a threat or who is a known figure of authority.

“I said let her go!”

The unknown voice yells out again. The bullies continue their descent onto Stephanie. She hears boots click to the hard surface of the blacktop.

“Timmy, you handle the tall one with the glasses.”

“I’m on it Sky!”

“I’ve got big and ugly over there!”

Riven shouts. Daniel looks to see a muscular red-haired boy running towards him

“I’ve got what looks to be little Miss Princess over here.”

They all back off and let Stephanie move along without any sort of incident breaking out. Stephanie looks back to see people who look to be very similar to the specialists from the Winx Club cartoon but didn’t quite capture what they looked like. Daniel and his gang are pretty well shaken up by all of this to which Brandon tells them all

“Get to class.”

“Who? Who are you people?”

One of the bullies manages to stutter.

“We’re just some friends… that’s all you need to know.”

Says Sky.

As Stephanie took her seat in the classroom next to Sam, the final bell rang, Mr. Anderson walked in with his usual cheery smile and briefcase in hand. He waved to the class and said

“Good morning class. Today is going to be a day you won’t soon forget, we’re taking a walk to the call center just 2 blocks down the street. Is everyone ready? If so, please line up at the front of the classroom.”

The students quickly assemble in a single-file line at the front of the door and Mr. Anderson leads them off the school grounds. They arrive at a large single floor building with 2 doors, one marked as “Employee Access Only” and the other marked as “Visitors and guests please wait here.” Mr. Anderson addresses the class before they begin queuing at the second door

“now class, let’s remember that these people have taken time out of their day to show us how they operate, and respect must be shown at all times to the presenters.”

Jennette looks at her bank of monitors from the other side of the doors and sees a man in his early thirties with a group of kids coming up to the guest access door. Jennette then looks at her control panel and pushed the button marked intercom and asks

“Who are you and how can we help you? If you’re an employee, please use the other door.”

Mr. Anderson speaks toward a black box mounted by the guest access door

“I’m James Anderson and this is my class from Kimberly Possible Elementary, we’re here for a tour at 10:45”

On the other side of the door, Jennette responds

“Hold on, just a second.”

She quickly picks up her desk phone and dials 80771 and waits for the person on the other end to pick up. One ring, two rings… still no answer, on the third ring the person she was hoping to get hold of answered the phone

“Operations, this is Jose.”

“Jose, my Outlook® is down, do you know if we’re having a tour group coming through here today?”

“Hang on, let me get a look. I’m very surprised they haven’t given you web or mobile access to scheduling.”

“Yeah, don’t rub it in”

“Yes, there’s a tour group at 10:45 from… “Kimberly Possible Elementary school”? For the love of Bloom, what is an Elementary school doing taking a tour here, why not the aquarium or Vegas?”

“Jose, you know the aquarium got shut down in 2022 because of mismanagement” Jennette replies.

“OK, yeah, whatever. Jennette remember, these are special needs kids.”

“No worries, I’m on it. Thanks Hoser, buy.”

She puts down the phone and pushes the intercom button again and speaks into her headset

“Mr. Anderson and Class, welcome to our call center. Please stand back as the door is going to swing forward”

They all step back as the door swings forward.

From up above, the specialists and the Winx girls look around and Riven points out

“Hey, look! That’s the girl we saved from those bullies earlier.”

Aiesha glances down, and exclaims

“girls look at her she seems so… I can’t put my finger on it… like there’s something wrong”

“Oh no! I can’t tell you what it is, but Aiesha’s right” Bloom says.

“Maybe she’s the one Headmistress Faragonda sent us after”

Replies Tecna, let me do a static analysis. Stephanie disappeared inside the building before Tecna could get her PDA out to run the scan.

Once the door closes behind the last person in the group, Jennette begins to speak

“Welcome to our call center, where we not only help people with their computer and technical problems, but we also have a blast doing it. I’m going to give each of you an access badge which identifies you as an authorized guest here, please clip these where they are visible so if you get lost someone will recognize you and help you get back to where you need to be. These badges do more than just identify you, they are pre-loaded with vending machine credit so if you need to get a snack or something, please let someone know and get your snack.”

Jennette pulls 8 plastic badges out from on her side of the desk, and hands them to each student and one to Mr. Anderson.

“OK, now I’m going to call your tour guide who will begin the tour and you’ll get to see the inner workings of this center, including how my desk works as well as many others.”

She picks up the phone again and dials a sequence of numbers relatively quickly and waits. From overhead, a loud digital tone plays

“Jason Smith please dial 83733, Jason Smith please dial 83733 thank you”

And then puts the phone down. A few seconds later her phone begins to ring, she picks it up

“Security desk, this is Jennette, do you have any ham?”

“Jennette, you paged? No, I don’t have any ham!”

“Yeah, your tour group is here now, 10:45.”

“OK, I’ll be right up there, do they already have badges?

“They’re all set,”

“Awesome! I’ll be out shortly”

Both parties hang up their phones and Jennette instructs the class to sit in some chairs while Jason comes up to meet them. Within 5 minutes, a door opens close to the security desk where Jennette was and a short man with glasses and a balding head comes out. He crosses the room with a smile and greets Mr. Anderson and class.

“OK, for about the third time today, probably class, welcome. My name is Jason, I will be taking you through some really cool areas here and some of my colleagues will present information to you. At the end of each point in the tour, you are able to ask questions and get the presenter’s information so you can contact them later should other questions arise after you leave today. Let’s get started.”

Jason moved to the door from which he immerged and places his shiny new iPhone 6 plus to the censor. The device flashes orange.

“dang! Why does my badge always have to fail me here?? Jennette can you open this thing?”

“No-can-do Jason, we got rid of all manual overrides like 3 years ago. You should upgrade your phone”

“You’ve got to be kidding me, right? Please tell me this is just a joke”

“Nope, I’m almost sure it’s your phone”

Jason continues to fight with the door until the censor finally flashed green and the door swings forward on its own.

“That is your first lesson here in the call center… technology sometimes breaks which is why we’re here in the first place. Jennette’s right though this thing’s ancient news I got it back when 128 GB was the biggest storage capacity they offered. Now the company’s gone bankrupt.”

Megan raises her hand

“Megan what’s your question for Jason?”

Mr. Anderson acknowledges.

“Why do you still have an Apple iPhone when the pear company makes a better device for almost 1/3 the cost of that legacy device?”

The class laughs.

“Now class…”

Mr. Anderson admonishes as they proceed.

“Where we’re about to enter is the security desk my colleague Jennette was behind earlier. She’s our head of security, but she likes to also do this job.”

Jason opens the door and they all go in. Jennette is sitting in front of a large bank of monitors and phones as she swivels her chair around.

“oh, hi there, I didn’t hear you guys come in there. I’m Jennette. I am the head of security for the whole company and not only do I deal with some not so nice people, but from this console, I can monitor all of the outside world and the like. Watch this.”

She picks up her headset and presses intercom then speaks.

She then says

“Watch that door on the other side of the desk”

And presses the button on the console labeled e2 door open then e2 door close, the kids and even Mr. Anderson are amazed that she can control the door. No questions are had and the tour progresses on through reception, the training lab, and the I.T. and web areas. The final stop on the tour is the support floor where all the magic happens. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the operations which happen here, Jason has to fight with the door yet again, but eventually they get in.

They go through a maze of cubicles with ringing phones around them until they stop to meet a girl named Krystal who was just wrapping up a call. Jason pokes his head into the cubicle and let’s Krystal know that the tour group is here. Krystal then responds

“OK come on in”

The class and Jason squeeze into the tight space and before them is a woman in her mid-thirties with a headset on her head and an iPad in her hand. Krystal then presses the button on her iPad marked as support floor welcome and the computer begins to speak explaining who she is and what she is doing. Once that button finishes playing she then goes over the phone, her various tools and the sound board screen in turn. As all of this is going on, Stephanie raises her hand for a question. Once acknowledged by Mr. Anderson, She then writes a note and passes it along.

It eventually reaches Krystal who takes a moment to read the note and respond by typing

“I use this iPad here to communicate either by typing things in or by selecting from pre-populated buttons. The output is usually directed to the input on the other headset on my desk, however today, the output of my iPad is being redirected to a Bluetooth speaker. Let me mirror my screen and you can watch on that monitor over there which had my CRM on it”

The students gather around the screen as she typed a statement about how she enjoys working in the call center and then hits the green speak button, the message immediately played out over the Bluetooth speaker.

“Now, let’s all have some lunch”

The class, Krystal, Jason, and Mr. Anderson exit the cubicle and leave the ringing noise of the main floor behind to go to the cafeteria where they were apparently serving pizza today. Everyone got their pizza and drinks from the freestyle machine and sat down at various tables. Krystal elected to sit with Stephanie and her best friend Alexis. The two were in shock, that the CEO of this company would elect to sit with them but took the opportunity as a cool experience.

By the end of it all, most students could not stop talking about Krystal and how cool she was to be not just the CEO of the company, but still be on the phones, but coolest of all, be nonverbal. This put a smile on Stephanie’s face. She knew what she wanted to do. Once she left the school that day, she got on the bus once again and was dropped off at home ,but elected to go to the Starbucks coffee right at the corner of her block. By the time she got in the door, it was packed but she found a table to set up her computer and equipment at. She wanted to get that history paper done for Mr. Stickler before Friday and so she began to log in to the captive portal so she could jump online for some research. She quickly glances up and sees someone who looks like they’re dressed up to be Stella from Winx Club and the man who’s with her looks a lot like Brandon, her boyfriend from the show; but Stephanie thought she was just seeing things.

Hours go on until she hears one of the baristas tell her that the store is already closed and she needs to leave so they can finish and they hope to see her tomorrow. She makes small talk with the barista as she puts away her laptop about how her day’s been weird, just plain weird. The barista smiles and says

“You’re not the only one honey, there’ve been some oddly dressed people in here all day, and one even ordered an “Andros kicker” whatever that is…”

Stephanie just shrugged it off and left the building as she was walking home, she hears a man’s voice

“move you little twip!”

She glances up for a second

“I said…”

From up above she hears a woman’s voice

“Light Diamond!”

And sees a flash of light as bright as the sun


Screams another voice

“Morphix blast!”

Yells another

Boots suddenly click to the ground, and a man’s voice says

“Didn’t you learn anything from this morning you punk?”

Stephanie just runs home not wanting to be anywhere near all of this madness she quickly opens the door to find her mother sitting on the couch watching TV. Neither of them seem to acknowledge the other’s presence. Stephanie just goes to her room, and puts all her stuff down and goes to bed. During her dreams she cannot seem to shake these unknown heroes who saved her from danger’s grip not just once but twice in one day, who were these people and why her?

Part 3: All is Revealed

Once more, the alarm goes off and Stephanie rubs the sleep from her eyes then acknowledges the buzzing device. At least this time, she wasn’t awoken by her parents yelling at each other or dishes being broken. She runs through her morning routine a bit slower than usual because she didn’t get much quality sleep during the night. She was still plagued by these unknown people who have repeatedly saved her bacon multiple times the day prior. She thought as she showered,

“Am I just a product of my environment and finally just hallucinating as a self-preservation mechanism? Did all of yesterday really happen?” She finishes her morning routine and before she was about ready to step outside to catch the bus for school, her dad comes in and sits down with her

“Stephanie, I know this is hard for you, but your mother and I are going to take a break for a little while. You might not see me around but you can always call me.”

He says, and Stephanie just nods her head and leaves the house. The news finally sinks in and she begins to cry, buy the time the bus got to her house, her eyes were red. She sits down next to Alexis and acknowledges no one. Once they arrive at school, she notices one thing which clearly stands out, the bullies don’t bother her, the other kids don’t acknowledge her, and she just goes about her school day.

When the final bell rings releasing the students from their classes Stephanie is the last to leave. She catches up with Mrs. Ammette, the school counselor, and asks to speak with her. She agrees and they go into her office. Stephanie then tells her all that she’s seen over the last few days and wonders if she is finally just going to snap. Mrs. Ammette does not know, but says she is highly concerned about Stephanie’s well-being and will need to get in touch with her parents. This strikes fear into Stephanie knowing her mother and she begs her not to do this, but the counselor’s mind is already made up thanks to school policy. Stephanie dismisses herself from the office and heads to Starbucks where again she sees some very strange looking people hanging around.

Once she enters the store, she makes a b-line for the counter and orders her drink and pays for it. Once the drink is paid for, Stephanie sits down at a table and hears a group of people coming towards her. She glances up to see a group of about 8 to 12 people moving towards her all of them look like characters from the Winx Club cartoon.

“Are you Stephanie?”

One of the boys inquires, to which Stephanie nods her head. She then grabs her iPod and opens the notes application and types

“Who are you people and what do you want with me?”

A girl this time with purple hair looks at the screen and asks another who she refers to as Bloom

“Are you sure this is the right person?”

Bloom replies looks like the one Faragonda sent us after. Another one of the girls, this one with a red shirt and blue jeans on asks one of the boys something about instructions from a person named Saladin. A brown haired boy with glasses nods and replies

‘I’ll check”

Stephanie begins to get up but another girl this one with brown hair tells her to please sit back down and reassures her that they mean her no harm. A device the boy with the glasses holds in his hand beeps and he says to the purple-haired girl

“I’m sending something to your PDA, hang on”

The girl then responds as a device on her belt beeps. She removes it and begins consulting it:

“Red hair,
green eyes,
gender female,
school aged,
lives at 4242 East Murphy Street.”

The girl then acknowledges to the others that yes, she believes Stephanie is the one. A red-head speaks up,

“Let’s make sure, ask her questions only she would know”

The blonde girl asks about what school she goes to, while the red-haired boy asked what her favorite cartoon was, and the boy with the glasses began asking all kinds of questions about Winx Club. Stephanie couldn’t help but think to herself that these people were not only weird but seemed to know just about everything about her. She then goes to her iPod and shows the screen again asking them who they are. The one they all kept addressing as ‘Bloom” acknowledged her with a smile and said

“Stephanie, we’re the Winx Club and these are the specialists.”

Stephanie nods her head and begins to type

“So, you’re the Winx and these boys are the specialists? Are you all just a bunch of fans who do that whole cos play thing?”

The blonde haired boy responds that they are really who they say they are and for her to follow them outside so she can see the ship and kiko, bloom’s rabbit. Stephanie acknowledged the request and picks up her things and follows the group outside where parked in three parking spaces is a red vehicle that doesn’t look like any sort of car she’s ever seen. Her jaw drops as she walks up to the craft. She grabs her iPod and types

“Oh my goodness! This is really a Red Fountain ship and this is no joke!”

At this point, she turns to the group and begins to name them all by appearance starting with the girls

“Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna, Musa, and Aiesha” then the boys ‘Brandon, Sky, Timmy, Riven, Helia, and Roy”

They all begin to clap at her knowledge and then one final thing hits her so she begins to type.

“Was it you guys who saved me from the bullies yesterday?”

They all nod in agreement.

“Timmy, let’s get her home”

“I’m on it Sky”

Timmy responds

As the ship lifts off the ground and they begin to fly towards Stephanie’s house.

“Hang on guys; it’s going to be a rough landing!”

Timmy says.

They all brace themselves as the ship touches down. Several car alarms start to go off and they walk off the ship.

“We need to go now, so as a result we just wanted to make sure you got home safely. We’ll see you tomorrow?”

Asks Sky. Stephanie nods her head and waives good bye to her friends and walks inside.

“For the love of pink things! Can people just turn off their stinking car alarms already?”

Stephanie’s mom was screaming at the top of her lungs is Stephanie walks in the door.

“Oh hi Stephanie, I got a call from that Ammette lady at your school saying I need to take you to get evaluated because she’s concerned about your mental health or something of a kind?”

Stephanie just laughs and continues towards her room. Her mom calls after her,

“I know you are concerned about your father and me, and the fact that Alexis is dealing with a lot and you’re being bullied at school; but that’s no reason to go psychotic and see people that aren’t actually there. I’ve made the appointment so they don’t call CPS to come take you away.”

Stephanie just shuts her bedroom door and turns on the legacy TV from back in the day. The first thing on TV was iCarly, a show from the late 2000’s she watches onward as the show unfolds and falls asleep. All night long she couldn’t think of how she was going to deal with this at all, she couldn’t sleep so she tried to think of seeing the specialists and the winx tomorrow.

Point blank several car alarms start going off outside Stephanie tries to ignore it and go back to bed, however the racket persists. So she gets up and starts her morning routine. She goes outside to see the Red Fountain ship again and the entry ramp extended.

“hurry get in!”

Bloom yells and she scurries up the ramp. Once inside she explains the situation to the team who she still has no idea why they are there for her in the first place.

“Faragonda sent us after seeing that you were in a great deal of pain and stress. We’re here to be your friends and to make sure nothing else happens to you.”

Flora replies. Stella then adds

“Furthermore, we know you’re a fairy and would like to offer you a place at Alfea, but until we get all this psychiatrist business straitened out, else we cannot take you.”

“Me, a fairy? Now that I don’t believe at all you guys are really starting to sound ridiculous.”

“All that will soon be proven when we take you to Magix”

Musa replied.

“Until we get this straitened out, we’ll be your personal entourage at school and In the community”

Brandon adds with a smile on his face.

The ship lands and all thirteen exit onto the grounds of Kimberly Possible Elementary.


A kid on the playground shouts. As another shouts

“It’s Stephanie and what look to be the crazy squad! What the heck kind of clothes are those loons wearing?”

The group with Stephanie at the center just moves onward.

“Tecna, do you know where the headmaster’s office is in this school?”

Asks Sky to which Tecna shakes her head.

“Before we go any further, we each might want to have one of these.”

Techna pulls out 13 earpieces and hands each of them a device.

“Put this in your ear so we can communicate”

They all attach the dongles to their ears. As the dongles make contact with the ear they light up pink.

“Simply press the button on the earpiece and wait for the beep say what you need to then tap the button again to clear the channel. The system knows when someone has an open mic and will not let two people talk at the same time.”

Tecna instructs. Musa acknowledges

“That’s brilliant Tecna!”

“Let’s go to the headmaster of the school”

Says Timmy. Stephanie leads them to Principal Jones’ office, however before they went in the group agreed that one fairy and one specialist should go in with Stephanie to explain the situation to principal Jones.

They elect that Brandon and Bloom should accompany Stephanie to talk to the principal. Once in Principal Jones’ office, Bloom begins to explain

“Sir, I’m Bloom, I’m from Gardenia and this is my associate Brandon from Araclion and we believe that Stephanie here needs a team with her at all times to protect her from other students and this is mainly due to her pre-existing medical conditions”

“What qualifies you to make that kind of call? Furthermore I’ve never even heard of Araclion. And finally, protect her from other students, if you’re implying that she is being bullied; I must inform you Bloom, that our school has a strict anti-bullying policy.”

“Sounds like the principal isn’t buying it at all Bloom”

Helia says over the earpiece mic. Brandon taps the button and responds

“I’ve got this. Tecna, or Timmy I’m going to need you in here with one of your PDAs to show him the footage.”

“Principal Jones, sir, with all due respect, I think you’ll be surprised at what one of my colleagues has to show you for evidence”

“Evidence? As if you people have some way to convince me, yeah right!”

Sky opens the door and Tecna walks in with her PDA in hand and quickly taps her earpiece

“ISA-6 Code Believix”

Then taps the button again; Principal Jones is in shock.

“How many of you people are there?”

Sky then responds, 12 to be exact. Please allow my colleague Tecna to show you some video footage we captured.

“At approximately 21:30 local time Stephanie was walking home from this Starbucks coffee down the block from her house when this young man tried to hurt her. I’ve identified him as Daniel Matthew Jones, your grandson and a kid who gets away with too much.”

“OK, so that is Dan, what’s the point?”

“Earlier on in the day, as Stephanie was getting off the bus, Daniel and his cronies attempted this”

As the video plays on Teccna’s PDA in HD, Principal Jones is in shock.

“Well I’ll be… that just means I’ll have to talk to Dan. In the meantime, I want to meet your whole team and you can stay with her at a distance for today until I can get this straitened out. So long as you don’t interfere with my school. I will be looking into this and will have a complete decision by the end of the day on whether or not you’re allowed to stay with her for additional days.”

Bloom taps the button on her headset

“ISA-2 to all nodes, we are code clear We’re set to stand at a distance for at least today.”

Then Bloom pushes the button again to end the communications link. Principal Jones asks if he could meet the rest of the team and all of that is approved. By the time Stephanie and team get to class Mr. Anderson already knows what is going on. Word travels fast through the school that Stephanie has a security detail so most try to steer clear of her, some try to provoke some sort of a response but get no where due to the forcefield which Tecna has around all 13 of the group.

By the end of the day, Principal Jones finds Stephanie and her team about to leave and stops to talk to Bloom

“After reviewing all the evidence and school policy, I am technically not allowed to have you people here on campus; however there is a special circumstance involving one of my own family members I want to seem fair and reasonable considering the evidence provided by your technical team. You people are allowed to stay with her so long as nothing goes wrong as it could be my job on the line. And so long as I’m not getting a zillion phone calls about this from concerned parents.”

“You have our word, sir that we will do everything to keep as low a profile as possible unless something breaks out necessitating a response. At that point we will have video available to you in the event of an investigation. I’ll get the technical team on it right now”

Bloom then gets onboard the ship and they go for Starbucks. As the ship leaves the school grounds Principal Jones wonders about what a strange car they seem to drive and what’s with the strange names like “Tecna” and “Musa”, another thing that bugged him the whole way home is “where on earth is Araclion?” All of this would need to wait for a later time when he found more time to think on it.

Part 4: Power and Consequence

As the red fountain ship flies toward Stephanie’s house and the Starbucks, Stephanie’s phone begins to ring. Stephanie glances down to the display, it’s Makayla. one of her former friends. She wonders if she should answer it since Makayla has drifted away from her as a friend. She elects to decline the call.

“Who was that?”

Tecna inquires.

“Oh, just an old friend, me and her kind of drifted apart after her dad started drinking more than usual.”

Tecna was about ready to speak but was interrupted by the two-tone beep of Stephanie’s phone alerting her to an SMS message.

“Stephanie, it’s me, Makayla. Stuff’s gotten really bad at home, I need to talk to someone. Mom doesn’t believe that this could be happening, call me ASAP”

Stephanie quickly ran through the possibilities in her head. Did her parents split and now she’s got a good-for-nothing stepdad? Did she get beaten up by Daniel and his gang of bullies? Did her dad finally drink one too many and have a fit where she wound up playing punching bag? All of these were valid concerns for Stephanie as she knew the kind of situation her former best friend lived in. She immediately began to request that they turn around to go see Makayla. Timmy acknowledges as he flies the ship towards the new destination.

A quick response message was sent to Makayla letting her know that Stephanie and some friends would be right there and to meet them at the corner shopping center at which there was going to be plenty of parking space for the ship to touch down.

As the ship touches down, Riven asks if she would need anyone there with her. Stephanie acknowledges that she would not need anyone and reminds him that she still has her earpiece in from earlier. Tecna then remembers

“Stephanie, can I see your phone?”

Stephanie hands her the device. The purple-haired fairy does some quick work with the device and then tells Stephanie

“press the button on your headset, then send whatever text through this app then hit send. It will generate synthesized speech over our com link”

Stephanie nods and hurries down the ramp to wait for Makayla. Within 2 minutes a girl who is heavy set and who has clearly died her hair walks up to Stephanie. The girl’s hair is covering her left eye and she is crying.

“What’s wrong Makayla?”

“Well I come home and he’s in a drunken fit about the grade I got on last weeks history test when he directly caused it. And this is what happened.”

She pulls her hair back to reveal a black eye. Stephanie quickly grabs her cell and opens up the communication link app and presses a button which Makayla cannot see then begins to type

“I’m going to need security out here immediately, there’s something seriously wrong with her. Flora, Musa, Tecna, Sky and Helia, please come here”

The requested team members begin to exit the ship once the message is received. Stephanie then explains to Makayla that she’s also been having problems but now has a security team who is helping her then points to the large red ship. Makayla glances up to see Musa, Sky, Tecna, Flora,, and Helia all exiting the red fountain ship. Makayla’s jaw drops in shock.

“Wow! You got people who love Winx enough to cos-play and act as security for you? That’s cool!”

“No, not Cos-play… reality.”

“That’s impossible!”

Sky breaks off this discussion by saying to a still stunned Makayla

“Nope, we’re real; see that ship over there, that’s an actual red fountain ship.”

Makayla’s eyes just bug out of her head for a few seconds as she looks in amazement.

Stephanie then asks Flora to look at Makayla’s eye, Tecna to run analysis to see if anything else is wrong with her, and Musa to calm her down with a song or two.

“What kind of not so good thing got hold of you?”

Asks sky trying to analyze what actions to take next

Makayla explains the situation to Sky, to which he responds

“Sounds like a not too good place. Come on, we’ll take you to Starbucks and fix you on the way”

Helia then taps the button on his headset

“ISA-9 to all nodes, situation is clear and we’re going to have an extra passenger with us on our way to Starbucks, she’s OK from what Tecna’s telling us with a black eye due to a dad with too much time to drink and over-react to things.”

The group gets on the ship and Stephanie introduces the rest of the group to Makayla. Makayla, still in shock that this is actually happening and disbelief that these people are the Winx and specialists asks for more information to validate these extravagant claims, because as far as Makayla was aware; these people could be really good with VR and 3D printing since Winx Club is after all a work of fiction.

Flora then decides to prove it by offering to heal her eye while Stella simultaneously changes her wardrobe into something that will make her look like royalty. Makayla agrees to this demonstration and the two girls get to work. While Flora is mixing together a potion Stella begins to determine what would be a good outfit for Makayla. She snaps her fingers and within seconds Makayla is wearing a brilliant dress and gorgeous shoes, then Flora tells her to lean her head back with the eye visible.

She does so and flora places two drops of a potion near the affected eye and just like that it is repaired as the ship touches down at Starbucks.

“Let’s go get some coffee!”

Exclaims Bloom. The happy moment is suddenly shattered by Stephanie’s phone ringing. She glances down at the screen, it was her mom, and in response to this she dismisses the call. The phone rings again.

“You might want to answer that, sounds urgent if the same person is calling twice in a row like that”

Roy says.

Stephanie picks up the phone and then grabs her iPod to begin the interaction. Before she can even say hello her mom’s voice comes across the other end of the line

“I don’t know where you are, but you need to get home right away as we have that psychiatrist appointment in about an hour.”

She then responds to her mother on the other end

“OK, I’ll be home in five minutes. Some friends and I are at Starbucks.”

“I need you home right NOW!”

Her mother screams. The words “Call Ended” flash on the screen.

“Looks like we’re going home guys”

Timmy says. The ship takes off and touches down close to Stephanie’s house and she runs in to put her stuff down and jump in the car with her mom.

As they get to the office of Marissa Jenkins the weight of the situation sets in for Stephanie and she presses the button on her headset and types into her phone a message that says she needs backup along with the address of the office.

They enter a small office and sign in then wait to be seen. The psychiatrist comes out and they go to a more private area. Marissa then asks Stephanie’s mom a bunch of questions related to the home life and Stephanie’s friends, etc. She then turns to Stephanie for further details and Stephanie quickly gives her all the details of the last few days and even before then so the doctor could have a complete picture.

“You’re delusional, there’s no way any component part of a cartoon for children could one day become reality. The show you describe sounds like it was created in the early 2000’s”

Stephanie protests again that this is real and shows them both the app on her phone and the ear piece it’s paired with. The psychiatrist and her mother dismiss that as anyone who knows how to code can make something like that even though neither of them know much about technology whether present or legacy. Stephanie’s phone beeps with a text instructing them to look out the window.

Marissa the psychiatrist who was just about ready to have Stephanie committed to a mental institution pulls back the blinds and her mouth drops open as she sees the red fountain ship just like the one Stephanie pulled up a picture of from the search engine. She then instructs them all to go outside and let Stephanie introduce them to whoever is piloting that thing. The three go outside and Stephanie calls up to them to put it in park and come on down to meet mom and doctor.

The entry ramp slides down and a crew of 12 comes out, 6 men and 6 women followed by a girl who seemed out of place. Stephanie’s mom’s mouth dropped open as she recognized Makayla, but the more amazing feet that was shocking them all was that the girls except for Makayla had shiny wings attached to them and were hovering slightly. The girls fly towards Stephanie and the boys and Makayla simply walk towards the group.

“In all my 15 years of doing this, I’ve never seen such interesting things.”

Marissa explains

“Those really are the Winx and specialists! I remember seeing them on a cartoon Stephanie and I used to watch on Saturdays.”

“Well that settles it, she’s definitely not hallucinating, and I have no reason to believe that she is suffering from any other mental disorder that can be diagnosed by DSM-12 standards. You’re free to go.”

Bloom explains to Stephanie’s mom the reason for them to be sent for Stephanie they continue to look after her. Stephanie’s mom is in further shock, but accepts that this is real.

“Wait, I’ve got one question though? Was it your ship that was setting off all the car alarms on the block these last few days as you were landing?”

“Yes, sorry about that”

Timmy sheepishly responds.

They all laugh and go home.
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awesome ☆
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awesome ☆

Thanks :-) I might write more on it, but right now this is the current version and it's "frozen".

NOTE: Frozen assets are not updated for at least 2 weeks after they have been last modified or initially released. Due to the nature of the of the "Collaborative Creativity (CC)" process, this 2-week minimum freeze allows others to contribute ideas or modify the asset. If modifications or suggestions are made, the originating author (me) can incorporate any such suggestions or modifications into the original asset.

So I'm waiting for about two weeks before continuing on any updates of this story. if you've got suggestions, let me know and i'll update it as soon as I am able to do so and if I can fit any of the modifications in.
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REG: Untitled Winx Fan Fiction -- / CS / CC / HS / MSAA / A4
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