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Season: Spring
Month: April
Year: 2017
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PostSubject: Celeste, Pixie Of Aura W.I.P   Celeste, Pixie Of Aura W.I.P Icon_minitimeSun Apr 09, 2017 11:07 pm

Name of your OC-
This can be an planet from the actual winx series (Visit the list of planets in the role play section for the list of planets, if it is posted yet) Or you can make up a planet but you have to have a bio included in your background history about your made up planet.

For example (If your OC is from Domino, it will be Domian. If Your OC is from Solaria then your race will be Solarian).
power- (Does not apply for specialists)

There is no limitation of powers. You can have any powers you want as long as it does not over power and destroy the OC power balance in the role play.

Spells- (does not apply for specialists)

List the main spells that your OC uses and name the intensity of the spell (High, medium. or Low). You can have 8 total spells. You can have 2 high spells, 3 medium spells and 3 low spells. Your spell list must contain a defense spell and this also applies for gems.
Weapons- (only for specialists)

The of your weapon that a specialists uses and a description of what it does. Please set the intensity of the weapon (High, medium, Low). Please know that the intensity of a weapon for specialists is 50%. (Medium is 30%, Low is 20%) This way, your OC is not overpowered.

Appearance- (Winx and civilian)
You can either describe how your character looks, make an fan made OC and post it here or you can drop a background Character from the OC shop.

This is one of the most important one to have. Do not create a Mary Sure which is a character that is too perfect to function. Your character must have some negative traits that balance out their positive traits. If you need more help on this one then PM me and I'll help you.

Background history-

What has been in your OC's life before they entered and came to Alfea. What adventures has they been on? What conflicts has they been encounter?
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