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 NatalieAcademy chapter 6 shin sister birthday/revange

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★gakuenalice ★
★gakuenalice ★

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PostSubject: NatalieAcademy chapter 6 shin sister birthday/revange   Mon Oct 31, 2016 2:17 am

after five hours writing my story finally finished it i hope you girls like chapter six Smile

"Good morning Amanda,I hope you have an awesome day.",said Jordan
"Aw,good morning."I hope you do to."replies Amanda
"Good morning.",says Andrew
"Good morning.",said Amanda
"Good morning!.",replies Ryan
"Good morning to you too.",says Amanda<She arrives in class everyone looks at her
"Good morning,how are you?".",said everyone
"Wonderful.",replies Amanda<she sits down
"Pretty outfit you have.",says Brad
"Thank you.",said Amanda
"Yourweclome.",replies Brad
"Class,everyone going to learn how to do salsa.everyone can choice there own partner.everyone come in the front.",says Mallory<everyone does
Julie and Shin partner up
Amanda and Brad partner up
Alex and Mill partner up
Eirin and Peter partner up
"Everyone start with your feet together then you guys hold the beat on the first beat do not move on the second beat step step forward with your left foot next on the third beat rock go back on your right foot the last thing you have to do on the fourth beat step back with your left foot follow the leader.", said Mallory

"Good job everyone,do that again.",replies Mallory everyones does it again
bell rings school
"Bye everyone.",says Mallory
"That was fun,I never knew how to to salsa.I never thought about learning it before.",said Amanda
"Me either,my parents are very good at salsa dancing.I didnt want to learn how to salsa I just wanted to focus on hanging out with my friends.",replies Brad

"Salsa is fun.",says Amanda
"Agree.",said Brad
"Today is my sister birthday,she wanted me to invite all my friends to her party.you guys want to come?".",replies Shin
"Sure Shin.",says Alex,Brad,Julie and Amanda
Whats your Address?"asks Amanda
Shin gets his notebook out of his backpack and writes his address down on a piece of paper
"Here you go."said Shin Amanda remember something she forgot
"Oh no I Shin I forgot,I cant believe I forgot this I promise my old classmate Zoey from my old school you give her your autograph and I send it to her.She forgot to to give her cd for you to sign.",replies Amanda
"Dont worry I always carry pictures of myself just in case my fans forget to bring something for me to sign,also im going to give her two tickets to my next concert.",says Shin
"Thx Shin your the best.",said Amanda
Shin he gets a photo of him out of his backpack and signs it and then takes two tickets out hands Amanda the autograph and the tickets
Julie mad she doesnt like Shin doing that for Amanda
Julie she thought of a evil revange plan making Amanda mess the party
"Cool,Im going to mail this,I see you guys at the party.",replies Amanda
"Oh yeah I almost forgot to tell you guys my sister party is at 5.",says Shin
"Okay.",said Amanda <she leaves
Eirin plays the piano
"Im going to get ready for the party,see you guys at the party.",replies Mill,Brad,Alex,and Julie
"See you guys later.",says Shin<everyone leaves
Amanda says to herself as she walking I cant wait for the party smiles she hurry up to the post office
Mill she cant decided what outfit she's going to wear she tryes on every outfit does a fashion show
Shin he tryes on a white tshirt with red pants he looks at his outfit he likes it he happy about his outfit perfect for the party

Alex tryes on black tshirt thats says number 21 with white shorts he likes it
Brad tryes on blue shirt with brown pants he like it
Julie she pokes holes in Amanda bike
Amanda tryes on pink dress

Shin and his friends are here weclome guys.",replies Shin sister Sally
"Hi there Sally long time no see.",says Alex
"Hi Alex,you look different did you get a haircut.",said Sally <she hugs Alex
"No,I look different because im dress up  for once.",replies Alex
"Ah,you look handsome.",replies Sally
"Thank you Sally,want to show me your cake.",says Alex
"Sure.",said Sally she holds his hand to show him wheres the cake at
"Amanda isnt here yet i hope she's okay.",replies Brad
"Me to.",says Shin

When Amanda goes to her bike ruined
oh no who would do this to me you know what I can catch the bus I dont know when the bust comes hopefully it hurrys up
"Im sorry what happend to your bike,the bus comes in five mintues.",says Julie
"Thank you Julie.",said Amanda
When Amanda got the bus she messed it
"No way I messed it great,no im not going to mess this party no matter what im going to walk to his house even thought its two miles away from here.",replies Amanda she was about to leave
Julie poures 7 up soda on Amanda from hiding
"What,what is linking from where.now I cant make it to the party.",says Amanda    Surprised
Amanda was about to leave and change Mallory saw here
"What happend.",said Mallory
"I had a bad day,soda spilt on me out of no where.I cant make it to the party.",replies Amanda
"Not if I can help it,I give you a ride.",says Mallory
"But what about my outfit.",said Amanda
"I have an extra dress in my cars lets hurry.",replies Mallory
"Okay.",says Amanda Mallory and Amanda hurry into the car
"Thx Mallory your an awesome teacher and person.",said Amanda
"Np!."replies Mallory
"Darn it my plan didnt work.",says Julie
Some people are eating at Sally party and some people are dancing
Sally,Alex,ShinBrad,and Mill are telling jokes and laughing
Amanda she arrives walks up to her friends her friends are happy to see her they tell her about the joke Alex told them
Mill hugs her best friend Amanda
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★gakuenalice ★
★gakuenalice ★

Fairy XP : 246
Posts : 1534
Age : 26
Location : alfea

PostSubject: Re: NatalieAcademy chapter 6 shin sister birthday/revange   Fri Nov 11, 2016 4:21 pm

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NatalieAcademy chapter 6 shin sister birthday/revange
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