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Year: 2017
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 natalieacademy chapter three first day at the academy

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★gakuenalice ★

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PostSubject: natalieacademy chapter three first day at the academy   Sun Aug 21, 2016 2:17 am

Amanda arrives in class
"Good morning Amanda,weclome to NatalieAcademy.To pass my singing class you have to write songs one time every month and sing it.",said the teacher Lee
"Sweet,Hi everyone my name is Amanda Mark.Im 18 years old.My favorite color is purple.My dream is to be a singer and when I sing I want people to get inspired to figure out their future.",replied Amanda
"Your dream will happen,for arranging seats you can sit by Shin.",says Lee
Amanda walks to her desk
"Hi Amanda,its nice see you again.",zingled Shin
"You too.",retort Amanda
"Amanda looks so pretty.",implied Brad
"She looks like a dork to me.",claim Alex
Brad gives Alex really you said that mad look
"What.",sass Alex
Brad is Alex's best friend they been best friends since middle school
Amanda desk is next to Shin and Alex desk
"Hi classmate,Its nice to meet you.My name is Amanda.chortled Amanda
Alex doesnt answer her back.Amanda thinks in her head huh he's rude
"Ignore him,Hi there my name is brad.He is my best friend.",respond Brad
"Its nice too meet you too.",amplied Amanda

Does anyone have any questions?"asked Lee
"Do you have to buy your own microphone?"asks Amanda
"No,On every first day at the academy I give you guys microphones and you get to keep them."Everyone come get the microphones.",come back Lee
Everyone goes get the microphones expect Eirin,Shin,Alex,Brad,and Julie they already have microphones and they  been going to NatalieAcademy for two years Amanda gets a purple microphone with sparkles on it she's happy about that
"Everyone you going to sing Death Note theme song.",plead Lee
"Oh my gosh,thats my favorite anime.",says Amanda
Everyone in class likes watching Death Note they talk about it
"Death Note is my favorite anime too.Who is your favorite character?".",asked Brad
"What about you?"Asks Amanda

"Everyone we can talk about Death Note after you sing the theme song.I like watching Death Note too.",replied back Lee
Lee starts to play the piano
Everyone sings
Everyone still sings
Everyone still continues to sings
Everyone finishes singing
"Very good everyone.",said Lee

Gary and Mill are eating lunch on the grass
"I mess Amanda.",queried Mill
"So do I ,If we would have stop her from doing her carrer.We would have been bad friends.",mimicked Gary
"True,Im glad we didnt stop her.fretted.",Mill
"Same,how about this we see her on saturday.2:00 clock I meet you at your house.",wailed Gary
"Sure okay.",oogled Mill
"Okay then saturday we see Amanda.",implied Gary
Mill smiles Gary made her feel better
Mill continues to eat her lunch so does Gary
Eirin plays the piano
Amanda trying to find the 5Star shop
"Hey Amanda wait up.",prodded Shin
"Whats up?"asked Amanda
"Want me to show you where everything is at?"asks Shin
"Sure.",replies Amanda
Amanda and Shin walk together
Julie sees Amanda and Shin walking together shes dosnt like seeing them walk together
Julie's best friend is Shin they been best friends since 4 years old

to be continued...
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PostSubject: Re: natalieacademy chapter three first day at the academy   Sun Aug 21, 2016 9:17 am

Oooooh DANG

I sense DRAMA
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natalieacademy chapter three first day at the academy
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