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 Favourite Things About Winx?

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Bloomix Fairy
Bloomix Fairy

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PostSubject: Favourite Things About Winx?   Sun Jul 17, 2016 1:12 pm

I thought this would be fun- and we all know being positive is DEFINITELY one of my best traits it actually could be if I tried

So, what are your favourite things? For me, I love the outfits and the concepts and ideas behind the magical dimension.

The outfits are pretty self-explanatory, but I've always loved the innovation behind all the outfits- transformation and non transformation- some of my favourites include the Tynix outfits, the outfits from when the Winx went into Medieval times and the Believix outfits. They're all so innovative and interesting to me.

For the 2nd part, I love the ideas behind the Magic Dimension. All the planets we've seen are very interesting and I'd actually like to see more be discovered in season 8. that's given me some ideas I hope we find out a little more about the histories of some of the other planets such as Melody and Linphea (we find out a bit about Zenith in season 7, which was nice). All the planets are so different and so unique.
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Dream winx
Dream winx

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PostSubject: Re: Favourite Things About Winx?   Mon Aug 22, 2016 4:54 pm

These are my favorites and the explanation to them...
I like..
The transformation ideas and how they fairies received them which most of them match to the reason for getting them. For example, Tynix has the key word "tiny" in there just switched the "I" and "Y" and then added "ix" to make the transformation. They go to the mini world and they become tiny. And mini and tiny are synonyms. So, I thought that was really cleaver. Along with, Butterflix, Charmix, Enchantix, believix...etc. All transformations. I love how they are put as and the history and meaning behind each transformation. I love the outfits too. They totally match each one.
Another thing I love are the location such as all the magic realms/dimensions. Like the oblivion place, mini world, and all of the locations that the winx ever had to go to. I just like how it was put and how they showed it.
Clearly, I just love it all. I mean the voices can be a little weird sometimes but what I mostly like are the transformations and the locations of the magic realms. 

SO, those are my favorite things. I know I did a little logic work in my first paragraph but i was just breaking it down as my explanation. Haha.

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Favourite Things About Winx?
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