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 General Winx Opinions Thread

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General Winx Opinions Thread 2z7kjh2

General Winx Opinions Thread Empty
PostSubject: General Winx Opinions Thread   General Winx Opinions Thread Icon_minitimeSat Feb 20, 2016 5:10 pm

Here, you can write some general thoughts you have on anything Winx-related.

A few from myself:

-I wish Rainbow did more Winx things here in the UK
-I think Believix looks better than Enchantix
-I don't like the Winx when they act all big and like idols. In season 4 most of them didn't, why did Nick change that?
-The Nick VAs are pretty good, but Nick didn't do a great job imo.
-I can find good thing about seasons 5 and 6 though.
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General Winx Opinions Thread
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